1-on-1 with Brandi Hofer

Artist Mentorship Programs

Need help getting over a hump in your art career? Navigating a challenge you just can’t seem to solve? Feeling like you’re in over your head? A 60 minute intensive mentorship session will help you get through your current challenges and outline your path to growth.

Artist Mentorship

I want to support and empower people in their creative journey.

To be the best version themselves.

To feel proud of where you are and having a plan to move forward.

Never done anything like this before? We can get you started, don’t be shy, everyone starts somewhere!

Would you like to learn from us?
Open up to new possibilities?
Are you ready for change and growth?

Spend some time with me and your big, beautiful aspirations.

1-Hour Discovery Call
Book 3 Calls & Save $50

Learn from someone who has been exploring the art world for 15 + years!

1-Hour Discovery Call $150 or book 3 calls for $400

"Shortly after I decided to start showing up for myself and my art practice, an opportunity to receive coaching from Brandi came up. Brandi was already such an inspiration to me, from the way she involves her children in her practice, to her stunning artwork. I knew she was worth the investment, and I knew I was, too. I jumped at the chance to have a one on one chat with her.

Brandi was prepared, professional, authentic, kind, and generous. Her years of experience and insight are so valuable. The coaching has already saved me from going through some trial and error processes that can be so time consuming, and as a mother of young children, my time is so precious. Brandi offered a perfect blend of practical advice, goal setting ideas, and heartfelt encouragement.  I continue to reference what I learned from Brandi, and can’t wait for a chance to do it again.”


Mother and Mentee


Learn all about the art world with our Creative Mentorship one-on-one program. Whether you are a student, an emerging artist, student, or seasoned artist or have a tiny artist in your family!

We also support parents investing time on their kids in their creative journey.

  • Getting creative and allowing space and time for your creative self and loved ones
  • Your process, materials, and finding your style
  • Making time and space for creative projects
  • Finding yourself and your voice as artist
  • What does being an artist look like, feel like and how does it relate to our world today
  • Getting those first few paying clients/projects
  • Nurturing your audience and email subscribers
  • Running a sustainable studio practice
  • Learn about mural making, prints, original art, writing and more!
  • How not to follow the crowd, but stay true to yourself
  • The effectiveness of goals setting and planning
  • Where you fit as an artist and who you can connect with

Student/Youth Mentorship

I would love to talk with you all about refining your art process and getting yourself out there!

We work with any age and can customize our sessions to your creative interests!

Today there are so many career options that are applicable to the arts and we are here to get you started on your journey!

1-Hour Discovery Call
Book 3 Calls & Save $50