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Ages 8+ Adults, Children, Artists

Portrait Class

Unleash your hidden talent and capture the beauty of faces with our Portrait Class. Say goodbye to the fear of drawing faces as we demystify the art of portraiture. Enjoy fun and free techniques to create mesmerizing works of art. You'll be crafting your own gallery-worthy portraits in no time.


Custom Artwork Class

Ready to scale your art practice and accept professional custom orders? Our Custom Artwork Class is your guide to building a thriving custom art business. Learn the art of professionalism, contracts, bookings, pricing, and how to cultivate repeat business through custom artwork. This course will help you thrive without burnout.


DIY Murals Class

Revamp your surroundings and turn your space into a captivating masterpiece with our DIY Murals Class. Discover the art of mural creation and learn how to breathe new life into any room. You don't need a massive budget or an army of decorators – all you need is the right knowledge and a dash of creativity. Join us to create rooms that exude personality and charm.


Scale Your Art Practice with Murals Class

Explore the world of mural artistry and skyrocket your profits with our Scale Your Art Practice with Murals! class. We'll unlock the secrets of mural creation, from techniques and materials to transforming blank spaces into awe-inspiring canvases. Take on any mural project with confidence and watch your creative journey reach new heights.

Ages 2-8 Children & Parents

Kids Class

Elevate your parenting experience with our Getting Creative with Kids course. Awaken a newfound sense of excitement and purpose as you explore creative adventures with your little ones. Learn the art of creating with love, balance, and bliss, nurturing a loving bond while finding personal fulfillment.


Large-Scale Portrait Class

Learn the art from the ground up – literally! From stretching canvas to scaling your work, discover the secrets behind creating captivating collections. Dive into the world of materials and tools, and unlock our secret shortcut to achieving vibrant and appealing portraits.

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