About Brandi Hofer

Hello, I'm Brandi Hofer, and I wear many creative hats. I'm an artist, muralist, author, podcaster, and educator, with a passion for making meaningful connections through art.

I'm proud to be a collected Canadian Artist, with my work exhibited internationally and across North America. Recently, I had the privilege of showcasing my pieces in the vibrant art scene of NYC.

A highlight of my career has been the completion of my largest project to date, a monumental 3082 sq/ft mural titled Choose Love and Join Hands in Truth and Reconciliation. Along with the installation of this massive project, we ran an Indigenous Mentorship Program. To celebrate the project we held an unveiling and Final Ceremony with elders blessing, dancing and drumming. This collaboration with my community holds great personal significance.

In 2021, I took my commitment to creative education further by founding an Art Academy in partnership with my local public school district, with a focus on inclusivity, diversity, and self discovery. Additionally, I established the Colour Me Happy online Community, Book, and Podcast, aiming to spread creative joy far and wide. In the coming years, I'm excited to take my educational workshops to the next level by building an eco-friendly artist residency and arts centre right here in Canada.

My artwork has been featured on national television and has graced the pages of international publications and the prestigious Saatchi Gallery. I'm grateful for the support of collectors like Jillian Harris, Sarah Baeumler, Jenna Kutcher, Andrew Salgado, Jann Arden, and Sarah Nicole Landry (thebbirdspapaya).

My studio, where my children and I create, is nestled in the tranquil Canadian prairies. It's not just a space, but a sanctuary for artistic expression and shared moments of creativity.

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Charitable Giving

At Brandi Hofer Studios, we believe that art has the power to transform lives and communities. Our mission extends beyond the canvas; it's about fostering growth, creativity, and learning within the neighborhoods we call home. As a testament to our dedication, we proudly allocate a percentage of our annual proceeds as well as mentorship and programming to support local initiatives and organizations through our Charitable Donation program.

Our Core Values

Creative Learning as a Catalyst: We view art as a vehicle for growth and transformation. Through workshops, classes, and community events, we aim to nurture artistic expression, critical thinking, and lifelong learning.

Empowering the Next Generation:We are passionate about cultivating young talent. Our outreach programs connect budding artists with the resources, mentorship, and opportunities they need to thrive in the creative world.

Strengthening Community Bonds: We understand the importance of a thriving local community. By giving back a portion of our proceeds, we aim to support initiatives that address critical needs, from education, truth and reconciliation, healthcare, mental health initiatives to environmental conservation.

Transparency and Accountability: We are committed to ensuring that every dollar donated through our Chertible program is utilized effectively and responsibly. We maintain transparency in our financial reporting and regularly share updates on the impact of our contributions.

The Charitable Donation Program

Each year, Brandi Hofer Studios allocates a percentage of our earnings to benefit local causes. We carefully select organizations and initiatives that align with our values and have a tangible impact on the community.From funding art education programs in underserved schools to supporting environmental initiatives that promote a sustainable future, our Charitable Donation program is a vital aspect of our commitment to social responsibility.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We invite our patrons, fellow artists, and community members to be a part of this journey. Your support, whether through purchasing artwork, hiring us for our community mural initiatives or participating in our events, directly contributes to the positive transformation of our community.

Together, we believe that creativity can be a force for change, and by embracing our core values, we can create a brighter, more vibrant future for all.

“The subject matter of art is life, life as it actually is: but the function of art is to make life better.” – Gertrude Stein

Thank you for being a part of our mission.