Colour Me Happy!

See your everyday ordinary as extraordinary
"Know that every moment you live is a worthy moment, just as you are; your everyday life is extraordinary, just as you are equally extraordinary; just see yourself, and you are abundantly beautiful and you should share every part of your stunning self with the world."

Like a warm cup of tea with a friend

Reading this book made me feel like I was having tea with a good friend. Packed with raw honesty, inspiration and practical advice on how to get the most joy out of your day. I had a few laugh out loud moments and even shed a few tears. Would definitely recommend!

Ready to change your perspective?! Read this!

This is a book that fuels inspiration! Through humour, real life stories of loss and vulnerability along with specific suggestions of action, Hofer supports the reader to find more mindful presence and joy in life! Brandi’s story shows us how she stepped onto her path and maintains her divine purpose- all while she juggles a thriving art career, raising three young boys and giving back to the community in big ways. She helps us to see that we can do the same!

I am a Zombie today!

“I listened to Brandi’s audiobook last night and 2 HOURS LATER, I had to force myself to turn it off so I wasn't a complete zombie today! Her words are gold. I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate her vulnerability and honesty-I laughed, cried, and I felt a connection to the parts about her mom. I am grabbing my headphones soon to listen to more now!”Jolene

Highly recommended

Courageous, honest, and packed with amazing experiences, this book is a must-read for anyone looking for inspiration and laughter. The author's emotion, humor, love, and kindness shine through in her stories, and her experiences, although many were painful, give her a unique perspective on navigating life. As a creative and a mom, I found this book particularly relatable and enjoyable. It's a book that you'll want to read, listen to, reread, and most of all, laugh out loud. Highly recommend!

Hi my name is Brandi Hofer, Canadian artist and mother of three.

The most common thing that people say to me is? "I don't know how you do it all?"

I can finally share with you just how I do! All my secrets and life lessons shared in one place, my new book!

This book is honest, authentic, and raw, and vulnerable. It will take you on a rollercoaster of inspirational moments, laugh out loud moments and intense moments that will bring you to tears in the hope that the insight shared with you will move you, motivate you, and give you the strength to greet each day with passion and love.

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Want to turn your ho-hum ordinary day into the best day simply through outlook and inspiration?

Realistically, this doesn’t always happen. We get tired, worn out, sick, lonely, or scared. Life happens, we embrace it, we roll with it, but aren't you exhausted by it all? What happens if you flip your outlook upside down and see that ordinary day as a day that is filled with memories that you can hold onto for the rest of your life?

If you ever feel like you are just mindlessly moving through the motions of day to day life and are looking for more  fulfillment? I would like to open your eyes and allow you to find beauty in the mundane, wonder in the stars, and adventure in your own backyard. Simply, I want you to see that the beauty and perspective lives within you, and is within reach of your fingertips.

You may not look around and see what you want to see, or be present in what is happening to you right now. If that is so, through appreciation for where you are, who you are, where you came from, what you’ve already done; through appreciation and acceptance of those life lessons, the building blocks and foundations of what you can become, know they were all for a reason.

Join us in some for some laugh out loud, and cry your eyes out moments in our beautiful book about motherhood and creativity on the author's journey through loss and life.

Featured on Nissan Lloydminster

Radio personality Kurt Price talks with Brandi Hofer about her new book "Colour Me Happy".

Featured on Victoria J. Fry Visionary Art Colletive Book Club

Join us in some for some laugh out loud, and cry your eyes out moments in our beautiful book about motherhood and creativity on the author's journey through loss and life.

"Local Artist Brandi Hofer has released a new art book"

Local news appearance on PTLN.


About Brandi Hofer

Brandi is an artist, muralist, author, podcaster, motivational speaker and educator. Hofer is most well known for being a successful collected Canadian Artist, exhibiting internationally and across North America. In 2021 she was featured by Create Magazine in their article 28 Contemporary Artists You Need To Know About. Her podcast Colour Me Happy! has garnered attention as one of the best art podcasts to binge this season by Create Magazine!

Her artwork has been featured on national television and can be found in international publications. She has experience in creating custom artworks for designers and translates her artwork into large-scale murals.She continues to inspire and share in her journey with the world through many creative mediums.

Brandi Hofer's studio where she works and creates with her children is located in the quiet Canadian prairies.