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Why you should be proud of who you are

Last Updated: 
March 9, 2024
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This can be your greatest tool in work and life.
Written by
Brandi Hofer
Published on
February 25, 2024

Your traumas, your struggles, you journey, it was meant for you, they don't define you. Your path was made for you because you can handle it - take on the load and rise. You are hear for a reason! Others are looking to you to find strength. You never know who you are helping find their way.

PODCAST Join us for an enlightening exploration of female hormones and body talk in this episode featuring Courtney Florence, a renowned Human Design Reader, body talk practitioner, artist, and yogi. Dive into the intricate world of female biology as we uncover the hidden dynamics of hormonal fluctuations, skin health, inflammatory foods, and their impact on our overall well-being. From decoding the language of our bodies, chatting about our past and embracing our unique hormonal patterns, Courtney shares invaluable insights and empowering wisdom to help listeners navigate their journey with grace and understanding. Tune in for an illuminating conversation that promises to revolutionize your relationship with your body and hormones!

Tune in to this episode and embark on a transformative journey towards hormonal harmony and self-discovery in the coming episodes!


Let's talk about you! Taking small steps every day, focusing on tasks you can handle, can provide a sense of accomplishment as you check them off. This progress will keep you encouraged and motivated to continue moving forward. You can do this for you, you can do this for the others who need you to! You've totally got this, one day at a time!

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