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Be unapologetic for who YOU are!

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March 10, 2024
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This can be your greatest tool in work and life.
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Brandi Hofer
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March 10, 2024

Be unapologetic for who YOU are! You’re allowed to follow more than one path and have to have many bold choices in your one lifetime

- Brandi

PODCAST This is one episode you won't want to miss! We met Victoria while in NYC, we totally clicked and had such a great conversation about growth. In this podcast episode, Victoria J Fry, the founder of Visionary Art Collective in NYC, shares invaluable insights into the benefits of having a coach or mentor for artists looking to grow and thrive in their careers. Here are 3 benefits of having a coach or mentor:

  1. Industry Insight: Mentors or coaches in the art business offer valuable insights into market trends, pricing strategies, and effective promotional tactics, helping you to navigate the competitive landscape. It is a great way to connect one on one or in a community session!
  2. Accountability and Feedback: Mentors or coaches provide accountability structures and constructive feedback, encouraging you to set and achieve goals while refining your vision and business, saving you time and money!
  3. Expanded Opportunities: Through mentorship or coaching, artists gain access to new networks, collaborations, and opportunities, expanding your reach and potential for success. You can do this, and it's okay to have some help along the way!

Sometimes people can see something you don't. Community, coaching and mentorship can help you meet your fullest potential! LISTEN HERE

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Let's talk about you! Don't just get dressed but play the part, even if you're not totally into it, it will feel good to be out, seeing people, getting in a groove! If you liked this you'll love our book Colour Me Happy See your everyday ordinary as extraordinary!

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